The Vision

Planting Our Flag

The goal of Space Technology Alliance is simple: to make the Puget Sound region the global nexus for pioneering space technology development. 

Space technology stands at new threshold.  Democratization of the tools of exploration creates an unprecedented opportunity for commercial companies.  Multi-national corporations, university research spin-offs, and garage start-ups are all seizing the power of emerging technologies to reach for the stars.

The Puget Sound region, long known for global powerhouse companies such as Boeing, Microsoft, and Amazon, continues to be a polestar for technological innovation.   Each year the region attracts and grows hundreds of new ventures in a diverse range of cutting-edge industries including robotics, materials science-nano technology, clean energy, and now, space.

From Jet City to Rocket City

37 companies devoted strictly to space technology already call this area home.  Clustered along Interstate 405, these companies form The Space Corridor.  They are the spine in a vast network of allied technologies.   You’ll find over a thousand communications and IT companies, 200 plus aerospace firms, as well as the fifth largest concentration of biotech companies in the U.S.

Talent Follows Opportunity

With a landscape so rich in opportunity, highly-skilled, intellectual workers are lured here from all over the world.  Even in the midst of a recession, the Seattle area remains one of the country’s fastest growing metropolitan regions.  The elite come for the celebrated culture of rapid innovation, competitive challenge, and scientific rigor.   It’s no wonder Microsoft and Boeing helped push the U.S. Patent and Trademark office to a record number of patents last year.
Opportunity Grows Where It’s Welcomed

For growth to occur the soil must be accommodating.  The Puget Sound region is transforming itself into a hothouse for incubating business.  This year Seattle is ranked fifth in the nation as the market most conducive to the creation and development of small businesses. Forbes has called the city of Bellevue the number one place for entrepreneurs to launch their enterprise. 

Space Technology Alliance pro-actively works with local business and government to ensure a favorable business climate.  Focusing on long-term partnerships, investment in business development, and attractive operating costs Space Technology Alliance helps till the soil so space technology companies can lift off. 

A Life Well Lived

In 2010, Money Magazine named Bellevue, Washington the fourth best place to live in America. Nestled against the Cascade foothills and bordered to the east and west by gorgeous natural lakes, the city also boasts a lively downtown filled with sparkling skyscrapers.  Year after year, all five public high schools consistently rank in the top 100 in the U.S.

No matter where your business locates along The Space Corridor, you’ll be just minutes away from world-class educational and medical facilities, a rich cultural life, and the kind of recreational opportunities adventurers travel to find.
With the help of Space Technology Alliance and business-friendly communities, this region is the ideal launch pad for your own small step into space.

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