A $500 Billion Future?

Last week we built the first elements of our public presence.  The blog site is up.  Still needs tons of content… but Lisa and I have worked out what we want to do with it.  It’s currently pretty bare-bones, but I’m optimistic. 

I’ve got a lot of great images that I’ll be uploading – rockets!  Who doesn’t like rockets?

We are classifying the images into a couple themes: NASA/Air Force, NewSpace*, BigSpace*, Education, Economic Development, SuperProjects* and “Civilization Shifting Technologies”*.  If it’s true that a picture is worth 1000 words, then perhaps this set of pictures will be worth:
• $.5M which is what we will need to run the Centennial Challenge competitions
• $1.5M which is what the winner of the NASA Night Rover Challenge wins
• $2M for the winner of the NASA NanoSat Launch Challenge
• Or $500B which is my guess for what ‘space’ will contribute to the national economy by the end of the decade (it already is almost $300B! – so that is a pretty conservative estimate).

*I will be explaining my definitions of these things over the next several posts. 

Take care.  Mjl
Michael Laine – Director

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