STA Proposes to Host NASA Competition

As part of its Centennial Challenge Program, NASA sponsors a host of competitions designed to stimulate innovation outside traditional channels.  In the Night Rover Challenge competitors will attempt to build a mobile system to collect solar energy, store that energy, and, later, use it productively. The Space Technology Alliance is hoping to host that contest right here in Bellevue, Washington.

NASA actively seeks partner organizations to help manage and promote the contests.  STA Director, Michael Laine, is hard at work on a proposal to bring the contest home.  Laine’s Space Elevator project began its life as a NASA challenge giving him some insight into the contest expectations. 

Centennial Challenge events typically include wide media coverage across television, radio, and the internet.  NASA’s agency website also covers the competitions.  So, the good news for STA member organizations is that an event of this magnitude would offer opportunities for high-visibility promotion.

Keep your fingers crossed and stay tuned as we keep you updated on the proposal’s progress.

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